Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Mall and Olympic Cycling Road Tickets

The Mall in central London is the road running from Buckingham Palace at its western end to Admiralty Arch and on to Trafalgar Square at its eastern end. It then crosses Spring Gardens, which was where the Metropolitan Board of Works and, for a number of years, the London County Council was based. It is closed to traffic on Sundays and public holidays, and on ceremonial occasions. The surface of The Mall is colored red which gives the effect of a giant red carpet leading up to Buckingham Palace. This color was obtained using synthetic iron oxide pigment from the Deans hanger Oxide Works, which was created using the Dean ox Process devised by head chemist Ernest Lovell. To make the Mall red was decision of MP David Eccles as minister of works.
The Queen Victoria Memorial is immediately before the gates of the Palace, whilst Admiralty at the far end leads into the Trafalgar Square. The distance from the railings at Palace to the Admiralty Arch is approximately 1 km. St. James's Park is on the south side of the Mall, opposite Green Park and St. James's Palace, on the north. Running off the Mall at its eastern end is the Horse Guards Parade, where the ceremony of Trooping the Color occurs.
The Mall was created as a ceremonial route in the early 20th century, matching the creation of similar ceremonial routes in other cities, such as Berlin, Mexico City, Oslo, Paris, St. Petersburg, Vienna and Washington D.C. These routes were intended to be used for major national ceremonies in the era of the nation state. As part of the development, a new fa├žade was constructed for Buckingham Palace, and the Victoria Memorial was erected. There exists a theory, possibly an urban myth, that in the event of an emergency or catastrophic event that might endanger the monarch and senior members of the government, the Mall can quickly be converted into a make-shift runway.
On VE Day 8 May 1945 his palace was the centre of British celebrations, with the King, Queen and the Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, and Princess Margaret appearing on the balcony, with the palace's blacked-out windows behind them, to the cheers from a vast crowd in the Mall.
During state visits to the United Kingdom, the monarch and the visiting head of state are escorted in a state carriage up the Mall and the street is decorated with Union Flags and the flags of the visiting head of state's country. During the Golden Jubilee ceremonies of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, over one million people packed the Mall to watch the public displays and the appearance of the British Royal Family on the palace balcony.
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