Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cycling Road Bike Frame and Olympic Cycling Road Tickets

The more miles you put on your road bike, the more discerning you're likely to become about your bike's frame. For road cyclists, a strong yet light frame makes an enormous difference in the ride. Weight is key in climbing, descents, and flats, and a cheaper, heavier frame plays a direct role in slower times. When you're ready to move on up, make sure you get the frame that fits your riding, now and in the future.
In general, road bike frames come in four different materials: steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. Steel is the least expensive and therefore the heaviest. It's a frame that you're likely to get in an off the rack bike between 300 and 1,000 dollars. Once you get up to the 1,000 dollar price break, aluminum is more common, as are carbon components. Titanium is considered the premium material and titanium frames can take you into the many thousand dollar price range. For many serious but amateur roadies, carbon fiber is a perfect plateau.
Like titanium and aluminum, carbon frames will not corrode. 
Like titanium, it can be 'tuned' for strength. The only problem with carbon fiber is that it is capable of breaking. Without the incredible strength of titanium, carbon does have its limits. When you're looking to upgrade your frame, make sure you choose the material that's going to suit you going forward. Ask the cycling buddies for their opinions, read a good forum online for road cyclists, and then check the models at your local bike shop so you know you're making an informed choice. Then enjoy the new speed and power you get from a great new frame.
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