Tuesday, 29 November 2011

BMX Track London and Olympic Cycling BMX Tickets

The London Velopark is a cycling centre which was built in Layton in east London, United Kingdom. It will serve as one of the 'Big Five' permanent Olympic and Paralympics venues for the2012 Games. The Velopark is situated at the northern end of London's Olympic Park. 
The Velopark features a Velodrome and BMX racing track, which will be used for the Games as well as having a one mile road racing course and a mountain bike track. The park replaces the East way Cycle Circuit which was demolished to make way for it. The facilities built for the Olympics were constructed between 2009 and 2011. The first event to be held in the Velopark was the London round of the 2011 UCI Super cross BMX World Cup series.
In February 2005 plans were announced for a £22 million VeloPark. Sport England would invest £10.5 million, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority £6 million and the Major of London and Transport of London would invest £3 million and £2.5 million respectively. The site was to be 34 hectors on the northern end of the proposed Olympic Park, next to the A12. The park would include a Velodrome seating 1,500 people which would be increased to 6,000 if London's bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games was successful. In addition the site would also have an international competition BMX circuit, a BMX freestyle park, cyclo-cross/cross-country course mountain bike course and an outdoor cycle speedway track. The facilities would be used by international riders as well as those learning to ride. It was estimated that the park would attract 88,000 users a year, replacing the East way Cycle Circuit. East way Cycle Circuit opened in 1975, it was the first purpose built road cycling venue in Britain. The facility closed in September 2006 to make way for London's VeloPark. The velodrome will become the third 250 m covered track in Great Britain. In September 2008 plans for the VeloPark were revealed, which were chosen with help from Chris Hoy. However by March 2007, the VeloPark was revealed to be only a third of its original size, rescaled from 34 to 10 hectors. The decrease in the size of the site led to users of the East way cycle circuit to protest to the Mayor of London.
The outdoor BMX racing track will also have a spectator capacity of 6,000. Work began on its construction in March 2011. After the games the seating will be removed and the track will be reconfigured to accommodate all abilities. The first competition on the venue was the test event for the Olympic Games, a round of the 2011 UCI Super cross BMX World Cup series. The track for men is 470 meters long and features a berm jump, an S bend transfer, a box jump and a rhythm section in the final straight. The women's course is 430 meters long featuring three jumps in the opening straight and a tunnel before like the men's including a rhythm section in the final straight. It has been called one of the most challenging BMX tracks to date. The track also features an 8 meter high starting ramp and was designed by the UCI with the aim of pushing the boundaries of the sport. 14,000 cubic meters of soil was used to build the track. After the Super cross world cup event, Shanaze Reade called for changes to the track. She stated that the track was on the limit if the wind changed. Sarah Walker echoed Reade's calls stating that the track could get ugly on a windy day.
In preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics, in 2010 the Dutch National Olympic Committee commissioned a replica of the planned BMX track at their National Sports Centre Papendal. It came into use in March 2011, ahead of the handover of the London Velopark BMX venue.  Cycling BMX is a major sport of Olympic Games. When we talk about Olympic Tickets, Olympic Cycling BMX Tickets are on the top list.  If you are interested in purchasing of Olympic Cycling BMX Ticket, just access the Global Ticket Market and buy Olympic Cycling BMX Tickets on very cheap prices. Global Ticket Market sells all kind of Olympic Tickets. You can buy any of Olympic Tickets from Global Ticket Market very easily at lesser rates.  

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