Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Olympic Cycling Introduction

The Olympic Games have competitions in both road and track racing for a total of eight men's and women's events. Beginning in 1996, professional riders may compete in the Olympics.
In September 1907 the world’s first massed cycle start took place on the race track and Olympic cyclists from the 1936 Games were regular racers at Brook lands.
During the 1930s cycle races were frequently held with competitors from across the world and in 1939 alone 19 races were held between April and August.
Currently enjoying a boom in popularity, the action-packed sport of Track Cycling has featured at every Games but one since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. At London 2012, Team GB will be looking to add to its dominance on the track at the Beijing 2008 Games, when British cyclists won seven of the 10 gold medals.
The London 2012 competition will take place in the new Velodrome, built especially for London 2012 in the Olympic Park. The track in the Velodrome has been laid with 5-metre lengths of Siberian pine, and is banked to an angle of 42 degrees at its steepest point.
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